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Empower Office Panel Systems in Atlanta, GA

Modular Office Panel Systems at Office Furniture Expo

Office Furniture Expo is Atlanta, Georgia’s leading Empower Office Panel Systems provider. If you need to expand or upgrade the way your office space is organized, these office wall panel systems are the solution you need. With the perfect balance of style and functionality, Empower panel systems are an ideal way to arrange your office seating. Empower paneling is a modular office panel system that allows you to design the look and configurations you want. Whether you want a frosted glass wall or a tackable fabric, there is a style to meet the needs of every business.

An Office Panel System That Will Empower Your Team

Empower office panel systems offer a lot of choice and utility to businesses. Once you have set up your office, you can freely change it to accommodate new employees and new situations. Each worker can even choose their own arrangement, giving everyone the work environment that suits them best. Additionally, each panel has lay-in wire management capabilities. So, you won’t have to worry about unsightly and dangerous wires getting tangled under each worker’s desk. There is a 1.75-inch-wide interior raceway to hold cables. Our technology tiles include electrical and data port access points so that you can plug in or recharge more conveniently than ever.  

Find the Right Balance Between Privacy and Teamwork

Our Empower office panel systems offer maximum customization. There are six standard widths of panels in 24, 30, 36, 43, 48, and 60 inches and four standard heights in 31, 44, 57, and 70 inches. Panels come in many different surface options, including fabric, glass, technology, whiteboard, and laminate. Panels can be stacked up to 109 inches high, giving your office the power to find the right balance between privacy and collaboration.

The Best Office Furniture Services Around

Empower office panel systems are made even better when they’re backed by Office Furniture Expo’s comprehensive services. We offer everything from delivery to office redesign. We provide free custom design services that will help make your office run more productively than ever. Our team is also happy to deliver and assemble any panel systems you want. That way, your team can keep working while we build your new workspace.

Start Maximizing Your Office Space Today

If you need to improve the way your office space functions, you need a modular office panel system designed for you. Our team is here to help you find the right solution for your space. We’ll use our extensive expertise to help you design the layout. On top of that, we offer free consultations. So, there is no risk and no drawback to exploring your options. We want every business to have the ability to get the most out of their space. To start maximizing your office’s space, call us or fill out a contact form here.



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