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Sell Your Furniture

Sell Your Furniture

Used Furniture in Atlanta, GA

We Buy Select Used Office Furniture and Much More

Have you grown tired of your couches, armchairs, and conference room furniture? Are you making a change or relocating your office? Why not sell your old furniture to make room for new and exciting pieces? Office Furniture Expo buys select used furniture from Atlanta, GA companies looking to clear out space, upgrade and transform their space. We buy almost everything under the sun, from chairs, desks, and credenzas, to bookcases, shelving, and conference tables. Almost anything goes, so contact us today to get started.


What Are The Benefits of Selling My Used Furniture?

There are numerous benefits to selling your old office furniture. For one thing, you are doing the environment a huge favor by not contributing to landfill overflow. Instead of hauling an office’s worth of chairs, tables, files, and other furniture to the junkyard, sell it to us. We will find a new home for the furniture that served you well over the years. Plus, you gain a little extra cash, which can help with moving expenses and purchasing upgraded equipment. Upgrading your office furniture is a great way to boost your appeal and draw in new clients and employees while putting a modern spin on what makes you so successful.

Go Green By Selling Us Your Used Furniture

So how does our process work? It's easy! We know you don't have time for a drawn-out process filled with hoops to jump through. So, we have worked hard to hone our technique down to a "T," ensuring it is easy for you and us. Most importantly, we do all the heavy lifting. When you work with Office Furniture Expo, you can rely on the following process.

  • Inventory: First, we take stock of what you have in your office. We need to know how many pieces and types are present, such as 30 desks and 60 chairs. You can send us photographs of your inventory, or we can come to your office and take care of the work for you.
  • We Make An Offer: Based on our inventory and what we need at the time, we will make a fair offer based on the quantity, quality, condition, and salability of your used office furniture. If you decide to accept our proposal, we will come to pick it up, relieving you of any responsibility for transport.

So How Does Recycling Help The Environment?

For every chair, desk, and conference table purchased at our used office furniture store, one less chair, desk, and conference table is produced using mass production. By selling us your furniture, you contribute to a process that uses no harmful energy or consumption of resources. It saves trees and reduces your carbon footprint. The benefits of turning your old furniture into someone else's new furniture go well beyond helping the environment. You can accurately claim to be a green-focused company, which will help your ability to draw new clients. So contact us for a free quote.


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